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The old up & down

Artist (Kasper De Vos) 12.10.2018–04.11.2018
The Old Up & Down Brought together by Hans Theys. With sculptures and drawings by Dries Van Laethem, Kasper De Vos, Leendert Van Accoleyen, Robert Soroko…
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Jenny Abstract Mag

Artist (Jenny Brosinski) 21.09.2018
Interview with Abstract MAG, Jenny talks about her life and work as an artist. 'When I am working on my paintings, I don’t think about making Art. At best I d…
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Vivien Zhang solo show 'Codescape'

Artist (Vivien Zhang) 08.09.2018–28.10.2018
Long March Space, Beijing China shows London-based Chinese artist Vivien Zhang. “Codescape”, her first solo exhibition in China, opens on September 8.
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Please play by the rules - William Ludwig Lutgens

Artist (William Ludwig Lutgens) 25.05.2018–27.05.2018
‘Please play by the rules’ at GALLERY GALLERY, Lutgens will show new works which simulate a street protest through the use of lifelike humanoid sculptures and unc…
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Kasper De Vos - Brakke Grond

Artist (Kasper De Vos) 09.04.2018–03.06.2018
Flamisch Culturehouse de Brakke Grond presents the first solo exhibition in the Netherlands off Kasper De Vos. A rolling stone gathers no moss, encompasses an…
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William Ludwig Lutgens - Artist Talk At MUHKA

Video (William Ludwig Lutgens) 22.02.2018
Art Historian Johan Pas, talks with William Ludwig Lutgens about his first major solo project at the gallery (dutch)
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William Ludwig Lutgens - OKV

Artist (William Ludwig Lutgens) 22.02.2018
Each month a talks about an Artwork. In February it’s Tamara Beheydt. She chose our young artist William Ludwig Lutgens with his work “ The com…
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Nel Aerts - Ontmaskerd Maske - Warande

Artist (Nel Aerts) 09.12.2017–18.02.2018
Nel Aerts shows a combination of recent and older works in her solo exhibition in de Warande (Turnhout - Belgium). The exhibition comes along with a…
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William Ludwig Lutgens - DE MUUR

Artist (William Ludwig Lutgens) 09.12.2017–31.05.2018
Each season de warande invites an artist to occupy 'the wall'. The second artist to do this is William Ludwig Lutgens. With his work, he lets the spectator…
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Beni Bischof - Bambi

Books (Beni Bischof) 07.12.2017
As with Rambo, Beni Bischof watched the film Bambi (Walt Disney, 1942) over and over again while sitting in front of the TV and painting hundreds of works.…
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Philippe Van Cauteren - letters to artists

Books (Sergio De Beukelaer) 06.12.2017
Letters to contemporary artists in confrontation with one of their key works Philippe Van Cauteren, director of the Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art…
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Stefan Marx - Artist's Books at Kunsthallen Hamburg

Artist (Stefan Marx) 01.12.2017–02.04.2018
Artists’ books tell stories or take the form of manifestos, archives or political proclamations. Programmatic, narrative, playful, or even appalling, they b…
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Nicholas William Johnson - Inns Of Molten Blue

Video (Nicholas William Johnson) 01.12.2017
Nicholas William Johnson talks about his solo show: Inns of Molten Blue at PLUS-ONE Gallery Antwerp. Johnson talks about 4 topics given by the gallery: Nature,…
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William Ludwig Lutgens - The grid the cloud and how to connect

Artist (William Ludwig LutgensGroupshow) 24.11.2017–17.12.2017
The Grid and The Cloud: How to Connect. A cloud is deceptive as elusive matter implying lightness, opacity, indeterminacy, and nomadism. Suspended in the…
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Sven 't Jolle - Ecce Homo

Artist (Sven 't Jolle) 17.11.2017–25.02.2018
ECCE HOMO is based on a strong collaboration of Gallery GEUKENS & DE VIL with MARION DE CANNIÈRE and Belgian art-critic ERIC RINCKHOUT. The main goal of …
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Sven 't Jolle - Artist talk at M HKA

Video (Sven 't Jolle) 14.09.2017
Art Historian Johan Pas, talks with Sven 't Jolle about his solo project at the gallery (dutch)
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William Ludwig Lutgens - wins the Eeckman Art Prize

Artist 01.09.2017
For the second year in a row, Art on Paper, the contemporary drawing fair in collaboration with BOZAR, is launching - with the support of EECKMAN ART &…
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Sergio De Beukelaer soloshow On.Titled at PLUS-ONE Gallery

Video (Sergio De Beukelaer) 17.07.2017
A talk with Sergio De Beukelaer about his soloshow at PLUS-ONE Gallery Berchem
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Antwan Horfee soloshow Self X Slalom at PLUS-ONE Gallery

Video 18.05.2017–24.06.2017
A talk with Antwan Horfee about his soloshow at PLUS-ONE Gallery Berchem
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We open second space in may 2017

Project 26.03.2017
Gallery Sofie Van de Velde and PLUS-ONE Gallery open a second space in May 2017 in the south of Antwerp. As gallerists we felt this was needed to face the…
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Sven 't Jolle - Booklaunch

Books (Sven 't Jolle) 19.03.2017
This book functions as a pocket guide to Sven ’t Jolle’s engaging practice. Inspired by an illustrated encyclopaedia, it adopts an unusual approach to com…
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Sven 't Jolle - Solo show Wiels Brussels

Artist 13.01.2017–19.03.2017
WIELS presents the largest solo presentation to date of Belgian artist Sven 't Jolle
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Stefan Marx - Artist page in De Morgen

Artist 24.11.2016
Check out Stefan Marx artist page in the Culture section of DeMorgen

Cleon Peterson - writes history in Paris.

Video (Cleon Peterson) 01.10.2016–16.09.2016
Cleon Peterson writes history in Paris. He created the first wall drawing under the Eiffel Tower. A project for Nuit Blanche, curated by Palais de Tokyo.
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Sergio De Beukelaer - Open Studio

Artist 04.09.2016
Visit Sergio De Beukelaer's studio during Open Studio's 2016. Sunday 4 Sept from 14-19h.
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Cleon Peterson - at Watou Art Festival

Artist 02.07.2016–04.09.2016
Cleon Peterson in situ work Masters of Death is included in the Watou Art Festival in Watou/Belgium. 36th edtition of Art Festival Watou Collected stories#8,…
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Sergio De Beukelaer about painting

Video 10.06.2016–10.06.2017
A talk about painting today and his solo show at the gallery.
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Sergio De Beukealer - Antwerp Art Weekend

Artist 20.05.2016–22.05.2016
During Antwerp Art Weekend, PLUS ONE will present the work of Sergio De Beukelaer at the gallery. The gallery will be open Friday, May 20: 12:00 - 22:00 hrs -…

Jean Pierre Temmerman - Next Level

Artist 20.05.2016–22.05.2016
A special event during Antwerp Art Weekend, PLUS ONE participates with new work of Jean-Pierre Temmerman

Sergio De Beukelaer - Middelheim Museumcafé MIKA

Artist 29.04.2016
Art-Integration project for the Middelheim Museumcafé - MIKA, Sergio De Beukelaer created Sub.Titled.MIKA.

Sergio De Beukelaer - Art Integration Mercado

Artist 01.03.2016
Sergio De Beukelaer presents 3 new works for site specific installation Antwerp’s fines foodhall Mercado.
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Cleon Peterson - The Judgement

Video 04.02.2016
Opening night of the solo exhibition at the gallery. The Judgement.
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Antwerp Art

Project 01.01.2016
PLUS ONE gallery is proud to announce its membership to Antwerp Art.