KOKELA Give life through art


12 Belgian and international artists were inspired - by order of Médecins Sans Frontières - through death rituals and what death in the Congo means.
The result is Kokela: a unique collection of artworks with life and death as common denominator. During the exhibition, curated by Evelyn Simons and Marianne Hoet, all works are for sale. Most of the proceeds go to Médecins Sans Frontières.
with: Philip Aguirre y Otegui / Timothy Segers / Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven / Eddy Ekete / Aimé Mpane Freddy Mutombo / Lucia Bru / William Ludwig Lutgens / Kendell Geers / Léonard Pongo / Jean-Henri Compère / Michèle Magema

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