Beni Bischof - Sensory Spaces


Beni Bischof is the ultimate mix and matcher: in all his work he combines and adapts existing images, texts and situations. His work can be read as an ironic commentary on the banality of everyday life. And he doesn’t spare his own kind. He finds inspiration in everyday objects like dime novels, fashion, magazines, advertisements, but also in the virtual world.

For Sensory Spaces, Bischof created a disorienting installation in which the visitor could enter a system of corridors that lead to yet more corridors, with open and closed doors leading to chaotic spaces. In the three-dimensional installation all of the different media that Bischof is working with were being represented, also his passion – painting – can be found here.
Bischof’s installation could be viewed as a house to accommodate his ideas and works. Therefore it functioned as a gesamtkunstwerk: an interplay of various art forms.

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