Stevie Dix

Stevie Dix ° 1990, Belgium

Stevie Dix wants to capture the intangible space in-between figurative meaning and shape and composition treated on their own terms, allowing form to take over any figure so as to catch out both creator and viewer. Her work shows a raw yet determined painterly quality where anthropomorphic objects leave residues of human activity and obtain a personality of their own.

(Taking responsibility for the work and setting the scene, Stevie’s signature becomes part of the composition. By leaving dirty fingermarks and edges she establishes the literal surface where human-like figures can attempt to navigate in a world of Forms. Her paintings bring up notional residues of almost recognizable meanings in the viewer’s mind. They create chains of associations allowing the imagination to start something new. Their ongoing rhythm and direction are compelling and their composition and framing, including that friendly signature and dirty fingerprints, make them feel almost like a staged dream, with surprising images continually appearing within something tactile and comfortably familiar.)

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Stevie Dix Jazz, 2017 Oil and enamel on canvas 44 x 54 x 3 cm