Stephanie Hier

Stephanie Hier °1992, Toronto, Canada

The crux of Stephanie Hier’s practice explores the effects of the collapsing imagery resulting from the flow of history. To conglomerate disparate images into a single canvas establishes an embodied meditation on the meaning of these symbols in our world at large. As such, her work offers a considered and informed rhetoric concerning paintings’ place in our time. The artist's use of temporary tattoos is a direct exemplification of her employment of cultural symbols and exists in stark juxtaposition to her skillful handling of oils. Hier's work speaks directly to the labor of artists and specifically the cannon of painting, by depicting and displaying pertinent materials and tools used in the making of art, while also pointing a finger (both literally and figuratively) to all 21st century image consumers. Stephanie Hier's choice in materials, imagery, tools and references epitomize the visual world as it currently exists and the painters relationship to it.

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Stephanie Hier One piece at a time, 2017 Temporary Tattoo on linen with glazed earthenware frame 35,56 x 25,4 x 3 cm Courtesy NEOCHROME Gallery
Stephanie Hier Looking for the off switch, 2016 Temporary Tattoo on linen with glazed earthenware frame 22,2 x 29,2 x 3 cm Courtesy NEOCHROME Gallery