Max Pinckers

Max Pinckers ° 1988 Brussels, Belgium

As an artist, Pinckers actively questions the commonly held neutral position of the documentary photographer, saying that he/she is not just “a fly on the wall” and can’t deny the reality of a directive and manipulative role. To expose this subjective element, Pinckers’ work uses a combination of almost theatrical lighting and staging, and he meticulously researches his projects and carefully plans their technical aspects, removing some of their spontaneity. For him, a photographer’s lack of objectivity expands the medium’s borders and brings an exciting element into the storytelling. “Fiction often teaches us more about reality than reality itself”, says Pinckers, and this mindset is visible through the gradual evolution of his own work.

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Max Pinckers The Apple That Wasn’t (from the series Margins of Excess), 2018 Pigment prints on archival matte paper 280 gsm 125 x 102 cm Courtesy Gallery Sofie Van de Velde
Max Pinckers Will They Sing Like Raindrops or Leave Me Thirsty, 2014 Inkjet prints on 285gsm baryt photo paper 133 x 109 x 4 cm edition of 5 Courtesy Gallery Sofie Van De Velde