Guillaume Bijl

Guillaume bijl °1946, Antwerp, Belgium

Allmost all my compositions are called ‘Composition Trouvée’. The term alludes to the existing term ‘Object Trouvée’, in the sense that each of these is a consciously compiled and recognizable composition – a previeously existing, found one, ‘so to speak’. They are chuncks of reality that vary from trivial consumption and interior fragments to pseudo-public manifestation décors.
In general, I wish to regard them as present-day, archeological still lifes.(G. Bijl)

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Guillaume Bijl, Sorry, 2015 Mixed media 180 x 120 x 40 cm
Guillaume Bijl Composition Trouvée, 2011 Mixed Media 240 x 135 x 70 cm
Guillaume Bijl Composition Trouvée, 2016 5 LED Signs Courtesy Nate Lights