We open second space in may 2017

Gallery Sofie Van de Velde and PLUS-ONE Gallery open a second space in May 2017 in the south of Antwerp. As gallerists we felt this was needed to face the interesting challenges of the contemporary art world, and out of a mutual belief, that one must think differently, believe in chances and focus on collaboration and knowledge sharing.
By co-locating and offering a common welcome area both galleries - with each their own identity - will be embedded in a vibrant part of the city. Doing so we aim to embrace new possibilities and chances, for our gallery, the artists and the art scene in Antwerp.

Sven 't Jolle booklaunch

This book functions as a pocket guide to Sven ’t Jolle’s engaging practice. Inspired by an illustrated encyclopaedia, it adopts an unusual approach to combining text and image. Grouping his work under poetic entry headings, it reveals how ’t Jolle explores themes of migration, labour and capital. In addition to images of his WIELS exhibition and earlier works, the book features three new texts: an exploration of ’t Jolle’s themes by Zoë Gray; an interview by Koen Kleijn; and an analysis of his sketchbook practice by Blair French.

Sven 't Jolle at Wiels Brussels

WIELS presents the largest solo presentation to date of Belgian artist Sven 't Jolle

more info: Wiels

Stefan Marx - Artist page in De Morgen

Check out Stefan Marx artist page in the Culture section of DeMorgen

Art Integration Mercado

Sergio De Beukelaer presents 3 new works for site specific installation Antwerp’s fines foodhall Mercado.

Cleon Peterson writes history in Paris.

Cleon Peterson writes history in Paris. He created the first wall drawing under the Eiffel Tower. A project for Nuit Blanche, curated by Palais de Tokyo.

Open Studio

Visit Sergio De Beukelaer's studio during Open Studio's 2016. Sunday 4 Sept from 14-19h.
Link: Open Studio

Cleon Peterson at Watou Art Festival

Cleon Peterson in situ work Masters of Death is included in the Watou Art Festival in Watou/Belgium.
36th edtition of Art Festival Watou Collected stories#8, The strength of empathy (…on identity, diversity and empathy)

Sergio De Beukelaer about painting

A talk about painting today and his solo show at the gallery.

MIddelheim Museumcafé MIKA

Art-Integration project for the Middelheim Museumcafé - MIKA, Sergio De Beukelaer created Sub.Titled.MIKA.

Antwerp Art Weekend

During Antwerp Art Weekend, PLUS ONE will present the work of Sergio De Beukelaer at the gallery.
The gallery will be open Friday, May 20: 12:00 - 22:00 hrs - Saturday, May 21: 12:00 - 18:00 hrs - Sunday, May 22: 12:00 - 18:00 hrs.

Next Level

A special event during Antwerp Art Weekend, PLUS ONE participates with new work of Jean-Pierre Temmerman

Antwerp Art

PLUS ONE gallery is proud to announce its membership to Antwerp Art.

Cleon Peterson opening night

Thanks everyone for being there.